Where Good Friends Meet

Over my 19 year career in the restaurant  business  I have made many good friends.  Among those good friends is Richard Crawley, a man known for his homemade pizza . When the time came for us to open our restaurant and follow our dream, it seemed natural that Rich and his great pizza be a part of making that dream come true.
Also, among those good friends, we have been fortunate enough to meet the Parenteau’s, a family we came to love and respect. In considering the name for the restaurant, it seemed fitting to us to name it Spicoli’s after their late son Derek, whose nickname was Spicoli…Derek never stopped believing and always gave himself to the community through church involvement, sports and as a firefighter. He is missed by all.

My Great Uncle Joseph Theroux originally used the motto “where good friends meet” in 1949 when he built this building and opened the “Golden Elk”. In keeping with my Uncle’s intentions Bill and I wish to continue with the tradition so please relax and enjoy, “Spicoli’s Bar and Grill”…where good friends meet.

Thank You for visiting us,
Sharon and Bill Lima

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